School Communication

Here’s how to get the latest school news:


Our main channel of communication is the weekly HMCRA Newsletter that is sent out every Monday morning during the school year (not on week-long holidays). The newsletter keeps you updated on information from Mr. Machado, upcoming events, parent ED-nights, community information, reminders and more. Please subscribe here if you not already subscribed to the newsletter. After you have subscribed you will receive a confirmation email – click the link inside to confirm.

Read Past Newsletters Here

To submit material for next week’s newsletter, email or no later than Wednesday at noon.

You may find that the email newsletter is sorted into your Promotions or Junk Folder. If you are a Gmail user, you can simply drag and drop the email into your main inbox, or right-click on the message if you’re on a computer. If you have any questions about the email newsletter, please contact PFC Communications at

School Messenger

School Messenger is a free service provided through SFUSD that allows for you to receive text messages or voicemails notifying you of important school information.

HMCRA will use this service to notify families of school emergencies and some of our school events.

To receive alerts on your mobile phone, please opt in by texting YES to short code 67587 from the mobile number that you filled out on the Emergency Card and is on file with our student information system, Synergy. If you have any questions, please talk to Ms Antonae our School Secretary.

This letter from SFUSD gives you information on how you can check if your contact information is correct, so you continue to receive notifications.

Morning Circle (9:30am in the school yard)

This is our outside classroom that begins our learning each day. Parents are welcome to join us!

Room Parents / Classrooms Groups

The main function of Room Parents is to be the link between parents/guardians and teacher and between parents/guardians and the school community. If you have any questions, please contact PFC Room Parents at Some classrooms and grade levels have their own Facebook Groups; ask your room parent if there is one and how to join.


Harvey Milk’s regularly updated website is where you can find information about our school. It includes resources such as contact information, the daily schedule, attendance policy, events, volunteering, fundraising, information about before and after care, and much more.

School Calendar (via Google Calendar)

The School Calendar, keep  you up to date on school events and activities.


We try not to copy and hand out information on paper, and most of the school communication is online. Some forms however may still be sent home with your child in their bags each week (field trip forms, etc.). A paper version of most things, however, is available if requested. There are also copies available on the PFC information board and the information table outside the office.

Parent Faculty Club (PFC) Meetings

PFC Meetings take place the 2nd Tuesday of every month, 6:30pm in the cafeteria. Read more about our Parent Faculty Club (PFC) here.

Harvey Milk on Social Media

You can also find updates on our HMCRA Facebook page or follow us on Instagram harveymilksf and Twitter @HarveyMilkSF.