Black History Dinner and Honor Roll Celebration

When: February
Where: School Cafeteria
Time:  6-8pm

HMCRA has decided to celebrate Black History Month differently this year than we have in years past. We have made the choice to invite only our families who identify as African American and/of African Heritage to the celebration for a more intimate gathering that will allow for everyone invited to celebrate in affinity. We have heard from many community members who do not identify as such would like to participate in the Black Student and Family Celebration and Honor Roll event.

If you would like to be part of the event, please let us know if you can participate in any of the following:

      • Decorate and set up the cafeteria the day of the event, February  (2-5:30pm)
      • Serve drinks and food and support the event (6-8:00pm)
      • Clean up after the event (8-9:00pm)

Please contact Ms. Antonae in the main office if you are interested in supporting