Medical & Illness


Can the school administer my child’s medication? 

Yes. All medication is kept with Ms. Antonae in the front office – please provide clear written instructions on timing and dosage, and include a copy of your doctor’s prescription.

How do I notify the school if my child is sick?

See the Attendance Policy page.

Lice Policy at HMCRA

Check regularly for lice: We expect each child to be checked at home regularly by their parents/guardians.

When lice or nits are found on a child:

  • Report to Ms. Antonae ( and your teacher immediately.
  • A school-wide notice will be sent that indicates in which grade(s) lice are found.
  • Parents/guardians will receive a call from school and treatment should begin the same day. If live lice are found, then parents may be asked to arrange to pick up their child from school right away.
  • We encourage parents to be sensitive when talking about it to/in front of their kids. We do not want the child to feel self-conscious around their peers nor to be ostracized.

Read more in California Department of Public Health Brochure.