Read-a-thon: Logging Minutes

Logging your student’s minutes is easy! There are several options:

  • Use our online form every day to register minutes (students can also do this themselves).
  • Track and submit this digital log at the end of read-a-thon.
  • Use our handout with the minute-tracker on the back to write all the minutes down. Extra forms can be found here or in the library or with the student’s teacher.

Submitting your student’s reading log is easy! There are several options:

  • If you used the online form every day, you’re done!
  • If you used the digital log just follow the instructions on the first page and email your copy to
  • If you used the handout with the minute-tracker on the back, please have your child submit it to their teacher on March 15, or you can take a clear picture and email it to by March 19 for it to count.

All reading logs must be submitted by March 19 to count! Please reach out with any questions: