HMCRA Community Survey

Dear Harvey Milk CRA Families,

Our annual in-house community survey is ready to go! This survey is conducted once per year by the School Site Council (SSC).

Our in-house survey is one of the most important tools at HMCRA to help us plan for the future. The combination of surveys from teachers, staff, families and students provides valuable insights into our school programming, operations, culture and climate. It informs our practices, provides longitudinal data and influences our decision-making. I do read every single comment so your feedback is very much appreciated.

Please complete the HMCRA Community Survey linked below by Friday, February 14th.

Please complete one survey per household (If you are part of a two household family, please complete two surveys).  
HMCRA Community Survey

As you may recall, there are 2 surveys that families must complete every year. Our “in-house” survey (used by the SSC, the PFC, and me) is the first, followed by an official SFUSD survey in March/April.

As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or celebrations!

Happy Surveying,
Ron Machado
Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy