Wondering where your Harvey Milk newsletter is?

If you signed up for the Harvey Milk Newsletter, but haven’t received yours (and know your spouse or friends have), these tips may help you. We will also post the newsletter each Monday on the website home page.

  1. Did you sign up using the online form?
  2. Did you receive a confirmation email, and click the link inside? If not: Gmail users might search their “Promotions” tab for email from communications@harveymilk.com. If you find a Harvey Milk email, drag and drop the email from Promotions to your primary Inbox. Or add “communications@harveymilk.com” to your Google (or Yahoo or AOL) Contacts.
  3. After clicking the confirmation link, did you then receive a welcome email? If not, again, Gmail users might check their Promotions tab and drag the email to their primary tab/inbox to train gmail that it isn’t a promotion.
  4.  If you are still having troubles, email communications@harveymilk.com.  We’ll check for your email on the mailing list.

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